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1. Scales do not beg, whether it be from other guild members, our Allies, or from the other good people of Norrath. Begging from the Guild is defined as repeatedly asking, “reminding” or otherwise bothering other Guild Members to get you something. Begging from others, for instance, includes the habit some folk have of sitting in front of cities and asking passers-by for “Anything you can spare”.

2. Scales do *NOT* Steal, whether it be Ninja-looting, taking advantage of someone in a trade, or any other circumstance where you take something that doesn’t rightly belong to you. On a related note, Scales return items they have borrowed when asked to, or when finished with them, whichever comes first.

3. Scales do *NOT* charge Scales for services rendered, if the services cost you nothing. This includes spell-based Resurrections, Cures, Buffs or any other spell or action falling under that description. A Scale may ask for coin equivelant to what he expended in the creation of items such as Armor, Weapons, Jewelry etc. He may not charge if the person asking for the services supplies his own materials.

4. Scales charge a fair price for Items sold to other Guild members.

5. Scales give aid when they can, whether it be to Members or Outsiders. This does not mean you have to quit your group and go running off everytime you’re asked for something. It also doesn’t mean you have to contribute to the lazy people who sit around and ask for Spare Money And Items.

6. Scales are *NOT* Bigots. A True Scale judges a person on his actions, not on his Race or Class. In our travels, we have met many kindly Necromancers, as well as many greedy, thieving Paladins. We have traveled with articulate, intelligent Ogres, and met just as many Erudites that thought everyone’s name was “d00d”.

7. A Scale displays his Guildtag Proudly. If you want to be anonymous, use the /roleplay Command. (And if you’re a Cleric (Come rez me!), Druid (Can I get a SOW/Port?) or Enchanter (Gimme Clarity!) you can understand why Anon is important, as it hides your race/class/location).

8. A Scale watches his Tongue, and tries his best not to Curse or use purposely hurtful language to others. This does not mean we expect people to be Angels, but that we remember there are real people on the other end of those toons that might not appreciate "Colorful" language.

9. Scales only take from the Guild Bank what they need, and contribute what they Can. In fact, the best use of the Guild Bank is the “Take An Item, Leave An Item” rule.

These rules may be added to/changed at any time, so please check this page often. Thank you.

"Need Before Greed."

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