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New Board Address.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Message Board kinda went Kablooie. Here's what you have to do to access it now.

1. Search your computer for all cookies having to do with "Legionofscales.com" and delete them.

2. Access the board thru the "Message Board" link above, or here. Reason being the Board Adress has changed.

3. If you created an account on the boards after November of last year (again, long story), you'll have to re-create it. Apologies.

1.5s and Other Things.
First off, congratulations to Genaa for earning his 1.5 Epic! And another big Congrats to Woodwind for finally finishing his Artisan Charm!

Nice work!

A LoS Man is an Uqua Velva Man!
LoS continues it's advancement toward Qvic, Anguish and Points West with the completion of the "Ikky 4" Trial!

Many many thanks to our Raid Leaders, members who stuck out the wipes, and the kind people from other guilds who popped in to offer advice and encouragement.

First Post Of 2006, And It's Only 2 Months Late!!
First off, Happy 2006

Second, we continue to march toward Qvic and Anguish. We've reached the Third Ikkinz Raid Trial, and will hopefuly be completing it soon. Raids continue in Tier 3 and 4 of DoN as well.

1.5 Raids continue on Wednesdays. New owners of 1.5s are too numerous to list here, but include Voltar, Unzibb and Forresst. Normal progression raids continue on Thursdays and Sundays.

Warrior and Ranger Classes have been re-opened for Recruitment. Feel free to stop by the Recruitment Hall on our Message Boards and apply.

Christmas. Yeah, You Heard Me. CHRISTMAS!!
First off, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Legion Of Scales.

Second, if you've put in an application and haven't heard anything, fret not. Our Recruitment Person, the lovely Jessikah, has been up to her cat-whiskers in recruits and guild stuffs and has fallen a tad behind. Never fear, she'll get to your call in the order it was received. Your call is very important to us. And will be answered in the order it was received. Your call is very...

Third, as of this writing, LoS is looking for good people in all classes except for Rangers and Warriors. This may change, so watch this space for more details. Remember, applicants must be at least 65th level and have 2 sponsors that are active LoS members.

Fourth, congrats to our new 1.5 Wielders, including (but not limited to) Erubs, Abi, Wakeing, Weas, and a lot of other people whose name I've skipped and will be reminded of and thus will probably be editing this in about 5 minutes. Or not.

Fifth, Sony decided to be a doofus and change the News Feed to their new "Not Magelo, we promise!" site called EQPlayers. Everquest dot com seems to lead to a Newbie Welcome site, and the new EQPlayers site is the new "Community and Not-Updated News" site. Like we're one to talk. Anyway, the Newsfeed Window over on the right should be working again.

Lastly, if you've an idea for a helpful Link for the "Links Of Note" Window, feel free to post it on our forums. On-Line Poker Site Spambots need not apply.

Time's Up, Quarm
Having moved thru Phase 5 of Time (where Inny decided to be a jerk about the whole "killing you" thing), the Legion of Scales decided to Explore Phase 6; Home of Old Quarm Himself.

And 20 minutes later, Quarm's 4 heads joined the various other trophies on the Wall of LoS's Guild Hall! The Legion of Scales has conquered the Plane Of Time!

With Time Backflags about finished, and Time Farming in Full Swing, LoS looks to it's next Target; Anguish.

Excellent work, members of LoS. Who says a Family Guild can't beat Time?

It's Clobberin' Time!
The Legion of Scales has managed to Battle it's way thru the defenses of the Gods Themselves, all the way to Phase 5 of Time. The Gods have been generous with their Drops, although we're sure the Gods aren't thrilled with us taking their goodies.

Also like to take this time (oy, the Time puns just keep coming. Sorry.) to congratulate our two latest 1.5 Epic Owners, Weas and Razziee! Nice work LoS!

The Wrath of Rathe; And Legion Of Scales, A TIME Guild Located on the 7th Hammer.
This one only took 5 tries. And each time, we got closer. And Closer. And Closer.

The final time, with seconds left on the clock, 2 Mobs gated back. Throwing Caution, and probably Common Sense, to the 4 winds, LoS rushed the Rathe Council's Podium and finished off the last Mob.

And then, right in the middle of the Raid, the Avatar Of Earth showed his face. By this time, LoS had had quite enough, thank you very much, and jumped on the Avatar full bore. And Won.

Thus, Legion Of Scales now joins the ranks of 7th Hammer's Time Guilds.

Many, Many thanks to everyone that made this possible. Now on to Anguish.

Today's Special; Coirnav Sushi.
And with 40 seconds left on the Official Clock, Coirnav sinks into a watery grave.

LoS is one Step closer to Time. And only one Step Remains. The Rathe Council.

Ok, Comic book-style rhetoric aside, the victory over Coirnav last night went off like clockwork. Pullers, Off-Tanks, AoE Squads, Harm Touchers, Crowd Control, Healers, Pally Trash Patrols, all did their job with an almost scary efficiency. New members and old alike knew their jobs and did them well.

Congrats again to LoS. Now to go hunt in the dust of PoEarth for awhile and prepare for the last Battle before Time.

Updating the Updates about the Updated Updates.
Despite the lack of updates from a certain Lazy Webmaster, LoS has not been idle as of late.

Over 30 1.5s have been added to the LoS Arsenal, with recent additions being ones secured by Wulfgak (Shaman), Darellron (Wizard), and Forgeman (Paladin). Many more have approached, or are at, the Final Battle for their 1.5s as well. For a complete list, visit here.

The march for Time has not slowed. 2 Attempts have been made on Coirnav recently, with LoS being within seconds of Victory (For those that don't know, Coirnav is a Timed Event). LoS won't rest until Time has been added to our regular Farming Zones. And not even then, as then we continue the march to Anguish.

Between attempts, LoS continues to gear up the guild with Farming Raids on Fire, Water, and Earth Planes. If Raids end early enough, LoS will take a swing-by on someone's 1.5 Mob. Also, Brother Feedor continues to run Wednesday Evening Raids for Gear, DoN Progression, and 1.5s as well, and we thank him for his efforts. Brothers Lorline and Cindermist have also volunteered to track/help with DoN Progression as well, and they as well have our thanks.

We'd also like to welcome the new recruits that joined our ranks recently, all who've made wonderful additions to our Family. If you think you've got what it takes to wear the LoS tag, please fill out an application here. Remember to read the Rules at the top of that Forum, as there will be a quiz that counts toward your Final Grade.

And our Evening Crew has been working to "flag" people for Various MPG Trials, and the gathering of the loot therein.

So, in other words, the only idle one around here is the person in charge of the updates.

Earth Rings Around The Rosy.
One of our longest raids ever; Just over 5 hours slogging thru the Mud in PoEarthA.

But it was worth it; almost 60 LoS members are now flagged for PoEarthB, and the Final Showdown with the Rathe Council.

Only 2 more steps to Time...

Fantastic Work by All!

Xegony Down! On The Ground!
Last night, LoS took yet another step forward to the Plane of Time; The Downing of Xegony, The Queen Of Air. After 2 attempts, LoS stuck it out for the third and final try of the evening. And were successful. Congratulations to all the new Flaggers, and Excellent Work done by all on the LoS Crew!

Loot for the Evening included...

Elemental Silk Pants Pattern - Won by Zemari
Simple Ring Of Purity x2 - Won by Olorun and Razzie

Again, nice work to everyone in LoS who busted their backsides and stuck it out to get us this far, and even farther!

Backflags II; Electric Boogaloo, And Other Things.
he current round of Backflags have ended, with another successful encounter with Fennin Ro. Thus, LoS once again will turn back to Planar Progression, with planned raids on Cornaiv, Xegony, and the Rathe in order to finish the long-awaited March to Time.

LoS hasn't been sitting on it's laurels. Easily half a dozen folk have earned 1.5 Epics since last we updated, including 2 clerics. Kod'Taz and Ikkinz have opened their doors to LoS, and groups frequently farm the MPG Trials as we work toward Anguish. However, Time, especially now that it's become Instanced, remains our Main Rading Goal.

We've also added many fine members to the Family, and are currently looking over applications for more on our Message Boards.

So, LoS Goals, in no Particular Order...

1. Plane Of Time Access - Main Goal
2. Anguish Access
3. 1.5 and 2.0 Epics
4. More people with Kod'Taz and Ikkinz access, and other Locked Zones
5. Increased Membership, made up of even more Good People willing to Contribute.

Backflags On The March. In April.
This round of backflags begins to draw to an end, as we prepare for the next round of assaults on the Elemental Planes. Also in the works are continued DoN Advancement Raids, OoW Raids, and of course your Standard "Finishing off the 1.5 Epics" Raids.

Backflags finished so far include...



Carprin Cycle

Manaetic Behemoth

Terris Thule


HoH Rydda'Dar

HoH Villagers

HoH Virgins


Vallon Zek

Tallon Zek

State of the Guild Address, by Grymwulf Fyrebeard, Guild Leader.
Ok, where do one start?

Well, let's start wit' a Hail an' Welcome ta tha people from tha Lanys Server. Hail ta ye all. We know ye've been kinda ripped from yer homes, an' plopped in a world that seems strangely familiar yet very alien at tha same time. Know that LoS helps out where it cin, an' we be glad ta give advice an' pointers where needed.

Second, we currently goin' around our last set o' backflags fer awhile, as we build numbers fer us ta go against tha Elemental Gods again. Unlike some other guilds on tha 7th Hammer, we ain't chasin' anythin' lackin' a Guild Tag an' promisin' 'em tha world ta accept a Guild Invite so's we cin inflate our numbers. Someone said on a EQ game board somewhere that LoS be "one o' tha hardest guilds ta git inta", an' I be proud o' that. We be one o' tha original "Family Guilds that Raid", a label I got a lotta flak fer, but yet a lotta guilds out there now claim ta be. An' I be proud o' LoS; we've accomplished a *LOT* o' stuff that tha naysayers said we'd never git close ta. Elemental Access. Lotta 1.5 Epics. Access ta locked GoD an' OoW zones. People that consider comin' on EQ "Fun Time" an' not a Second Job. Guild members that be friends Outside tha Game, who e-mail an' phone each other.

This ain't ta say things been 100% rosy. We've said goodbye ta a couple folk that've moved on ta EQ2 an' WoW. Few people have left LoS fer what they consider Greener Pastures. An' aye, like all Families, we've fallen inta fightin' a bit here an' there.

BUT, we've made great strides, an' will continue ta do so. Raidleaders break their arses ta insure we continue ta move forward. Lots o' members an' Officers have stepped forward ta volunteer their services ta lead Official Raids, Unofficial Raids, Groups fer Faction an' Key Parts, Groups ta help people git parts fer 1.5 Epics. New Recruits bring new things ta tha Table, new Friends ta gossip wit', an' new Faces ta hunt wit'.

All in all, LoS be doin' fine an' dandy, an' continues ta make me proud each an' every day that they continue ta allow me ta lead this Asylum. We will be marchin' inta POTime. We will be equippin' folk wit' 1.5 Epics. We will be huntin' Elemental Gear, DoN Gear, an' other goodies ta help folk improve themselves. An' I ain't sayin' this as a Recruitment Speech. Know that Recruits come under quite tha scrutiny, as yer becomin' part o' a Family much as part o' a Guild. Nay, I sayin' this because, Brell Bless me, I be braggin' on these good folk. I may wear tha Leader Tag, but each an' every member contributes ta our Continued Success.

Wit' Warm Regards,
Grymwulf Fyrebeard
Proud Guildleader, Legion of Scales

Putting On Airs.
One by One, the Avatars of Air advanced on LoS and SD. And one by one, they fell, surrendering the parts of the Key that would allow the Sister Guilds access to Xegony Herself.

And if there's one thing we learned, it's why no one does that damn Avatar of Dust more than once. Bloody Spiders.

Loot was much and varied, but the Clockworks have gotten into the raid notes again and don't seem to remember what they did with them.

Fennin Ro Down, Three To Go.
What started as another Plane Of Fire Farming Expedition turned into SD's and LoS's first major step toward Time, as the Sister Guilds took down Fennin Ro, the Tyrant Of Fire, in just under 4 hours. Well, we were KoS to everyone to whom we asked directions from, so that slowed us down some...

Shiny Happy Drops included...

Drape Of The Agile - Rexlore
Shining Crimson Shawl - Denadoria
Fire Marked Rune - Molianbob
Flame Idol Of Ro - Killman
Earring Of Eternal Flame - Iadien
Great Mask Of Flame - Gesthal (SD)

Congrats to both Guilds on being 1/4th Time Flagged!

The First Update Of 2005.
Christmas Break being Over, Los and SD began Farming the various Elemental Planes for gear, and finishing up the final Backflags needed by old and new members alike. The farming began in Fire, with the various Mini-Bosses being taken out and goodies secured.

Said Goodies are as follows...

Shining Crimson Shawl - Hagathia
Shimmering Sleeves Of Flame (x3) - Caztor (SD), Sanzii (SD) and Sirq (SD)
Mask Of The Insightful - Meadowmoon
Cape Of Flames (x2) - Iadien and Enochsire
Phoenix Claw Talisman - Jessikah

Also, too many Elemental Patterns and Molds to List. Congratulations to all the Winners!

The Admin Remembers There's A Front Page On The Site and Other Stuff.
Backflagging for new members and people missing flags continues, for members of Legion Of Scales and Shattered Destinies, as well as their Backflagging Partners, so that the March to Time can continue. Plans are also underway to continue flagging people for KT in Gates Of Discord (how come every name in GoD looks like someone dropped a bowling ball on the keyboard?), and Anguish in OoW.

We here at LoS Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Legion Of Scales; A FULLY Elemental Guild Located on The Seventh Hammer Server.
Having succeeded against Rallos Zek a second time, the combined might of Legion Of Scales and Shattered Destinies moved into Sol Ro's Tower to take out old Flame-Face Himself, as he was the last obstacle standing between the Sister Guilds and Full Elemental Access. After a couple of false starts due to some LD issues, they moved in. And Won.

And thus were Legion Of Scales and Shattered Destinies welcomed to the Plane Of Fire.

Now for the Goodies...

Orb Of The Sun - Lucetta (SD)
Gauntlets Of The Burning Prince - Caztor (SD)

And from the week's earlier Rallos Zek Encore Kill...

Blade Of War - Imseven (SD)

This was a long, hard path, and the path becomes even harder as we move toward Time. But with the combined might of LoS and SD, and all our various Allies, the prize is within reach.

Legion Of Scales; An Elemental Guild Located on The Seventh Hammer Server.
For the past couple of months, the combined forces of LoS and SD threw themselves against the combined might of the Zeks; Vallon, Tallon, and Rallos. And for months, the Zeks fought valiantly. When Omens Of War went live, several bugs were introduced into the encounter, and still the Sister Guilds fought. And fought. And fought.

Last night, finally, the fight went against the Zeks.

With that said, allow your humble Chronicler to introduce the 2 newest Elemental Guilds on the 7th Hammer; Shattered Destinies, and Legion Of Scales.

And now, the loot.

Grimfaced Visor - Happyjoy
War Charm Of Crossed Blades - Jessikah

To prepare for the next battle with the Zeks, the raid then moved to PoI to take out the Behemoth.

Self-Contained Force Barrier - Meadowmoon (SD)
Coil Of Twisted Platinum Wire - Tawkwitz (SD)

Updates, We Have Updates....Updates, We Have Updates...
No, we haven't been idle the past month. We've mostly finished up with the Backflags, except for catching up new recruits. LoS is one kill from the Elemental Planes, and also a lot of the Scales are 1 or 2 trials away finishing up the Trials in GoD! Many Scales have taken it upon themselves also to begin their New Epics, with a couple being almost finished with the 1.5 Version.

In Other News, Brother Feedor was promoted to Officer Status, and LoS welcomed back a few people that'd temporarily left the game. Welcome Home Firyn, Enochsire, Leenkon, and Grobel!

And Congratulations to Lady Jessikah, being the Second Shaman on the 7th Hammer Server to earn her Epic 1.5!

Staying Focused Long Enough To Update... Ooh, Look! A Squirrel!
While Backflagging once again took up a lot of time the past couple of weeks, we've actually caught up with enough of it to move forward to Actual Sol Ro Bosses! Yes, the mobs that actually help you get Elementally Flagged! 2 of them were taken out this week, Jiva and Xuzl.

Too many backflag raids to catch up with here. Among those done; Saryrn and her pen pal Keeper Of Souls; Vallon Zek; Agnarr; HoH Trials; and yes, actually some PoJ Trials.

Among the goodies procured in the various raids...

Whip Of Unending Pain - Won By Ladanea (Stop that snickering)
Lesser Eye Of Insanity - Won By Athenia
Miserable Bauble X2 - Won By Wakeing and Riddly
Ivory Etched Aegis - Won By Sharnhoest
Grandmaster's Mace - Won By Foodawg (SD)
Resplendant War Maul - Won By Thunderus
Furious Hammer Of Zek - Won By Tsue
Crystalized Rain X2 - Won By Happyjoy and Einhauer

Congratulations to all the winners and to the folks who earned new flags!

Free Inside! More Updates!
Backflagging once again took center stage these past two weeks, as LoS and SD continue their march toward the Elemental Planes. Bertoxx, Terris Thule, and the CoD Carprin Cycle were among the targets taken down during this Backflag Frenzy.

First, the Loot offa old Bertie...

Drape of Wings - Won By Nerfe
Greenfist of Death - Won By Wakeing

Then, the Goodie List from Carprin And His Friends...

Diseased Skullcase - Won By Muggz
Darwol's Cleaver - Won By Cooldaddy
Meedo's Glave of Terror - Won By Aerawyn (SD)
Radiant Mask of the Disease Lord - Won By Staru
Circlet of Rotting Flesh - Won By Haggy

Finally, stuff from Terris Thule's Hope Chest...

Indigo Snake Bracelet - Won By Starnight (SD)
Knucklebone Beaded Veil - Won By Meadowmoon (SD)

Two Week's Worth Of Updates In One Post! Plus, If You Act Now, This Set Of Ginsu Knives!
Lots of Backflagging again past few days, but 2 raids stand out amongst the rest; Vallon/Tallon Zek were taken down for most who needed these flags... And Lord Marr was taken out by the Alliance. This means Legion Of Scales and Shattered Destinies are now Sol Ro Tower Flagged! Congratulations to all on this major step forward in PoP!

LMM was a bit stingy, as he only coughed up...

Signet Of Advisor - Won By Staru

The Zek Brothers were a bit more generous...

Girdle Of The Tactician - Won By Alternia (SD)
Pendant Of The Triumpant Victor - Won By Lethon
Veteran's Battle Charm - Won By Faylexia
Tallon's War Charm - Won By Sanzii (SD)
Ear Symbol Of Veteran - Won By Leaweyena (SD)

Tallon Zek Did It With His Little Bow And Arrow; Grummus And His Amazing Performing Body Odor; Being Kos To The KoS; And Behemoth Is Waiting On Some Parts.
Catching up on some backflags in the past couple of weeks, as we took on Grummus, Tallon Zek, Keeper Of Sorrows, and the PoI Behemoth. Too many goodies to list, but we'll do it anyways...

Malarian Leg Stud - Won By Nerfe
Pus Covered Beetle Carapace - Won By Tanzanite
Battle Fists - Won By Corlaan (SD)
Warmaster's Recurved Bow - Won By Leaweyena (SD)
Protective Dust Drape - Won By Jessikah
Glowing Steel Shim - Won By Icemag

Vallon, Tallon, Agnarr, Huey, Louie, Dewey.
Flags A Go-Go, as LoS and SD marched into Tactics and Bastion Of Thunder, where they not only battled the Minion of the Gods Themselves, but also various Collision Detection Mistakes as Mobs sunk into walls, becoming temporarily invulnerable. In all 3 cases, however, the Alliance Emerged Victorious.

Toys recovered from the various mobs...

Resplendant War Maul - Won By Forgeman
Obsidian Scimitar Of War - Won By Cooldaddy
Amulet Of The Rain - Won By Fargle
Stormrider's Gauntlets - Won By Pathfynder

Cage Jumping And The People Tired Of The Jokes About It. Next On LoS.Com.
The Alliance of SD and LoS stopped by Torment for another swing at the Keeper of Sorrows and Saryrn for Backflags, Loot, and those Cookies she bakes. Final Score; Alliance 2, Torment Boss Mobs Zero. Lootable Loots Looted included...

Greater Poleaxe Of Sorrows - Won By Rexlore
Cape Embroidered With Runes - Won By Enochsire
Greatstaff Of Misery - Won By Valenn

Cape Embroidered With Runes? How many Committee Meetings did it take to come up with *that* name?

UP Our Way; Greig's End Now Offering Timeshare; And Cage Jumping Makes It As Olympic Event.
A busy week and a half. First, for a little practice, 2 LoS/SD groups went to Umbral Plains and took out Zelnithak. Goodies from Camelsaurus Rex included...

Ancient Medallion Of Faith - Won By Grymwulf
Bracelet Of Quickness - Won By Kuleous
Tome Of Endless Reflection - Won By Kaala

The Practice Raid then went to Greig's End, where the mobs decided to be Selfish and not drop Greig's Key. Nice Security he's got there. However, we did manage to drop the Servitor of Luclin, who kindly donated the following items...

Mask Of Pulchritude - Won By Zarlax (SD)
Lurid Dagger - Won By Maddrox
A Glowing Orb Of Luclinite - Won By Guglio

Later that week came the Keeper Of Sorrows/Saryrn Raid. Both targets easily taken down, thanks to the fine work by the Sister Guilds, and many backflags gotten. Loot from the 2 targets...

Battlecloak Of Lost Souls - Won By Leaweyena (SD)
Lesser Eye Of Insanity - Won By Alterana (SD)
Greatstaff Of Misery - Won By Thunderus
Unadorned Cloak Of Battle - Won By Cooldaddy

As The Stomach Turns; And Ernie Mourns As Bertie Falls.
A busy week for the Sister Guilds. On Monday past, the Raiders did the Stomach Event in PoTorment, in order to secure another Key to the Saryrn Event. Then, on Thursday, the Raiders formed up in CoDB and took out the Ugly Boy Himself, Bertie! And not only took him out, but backflagged some people from other guilds *and* finished with 25 minutes left on the event timer. Well done all!

Loot gathered from CoDB...

Stiched Hide Pants Of Fallen Foes - Won By Mayalla (SD)
Decayed Shoes Of The Plaguebringer X2 - Won By Meadowmoon (SD) and Belladonna (SD)

Air Raid Saryrn, Or; You Should Get A Flag Just For Making The Jump Into That Damn Cage.
SD and LoS entered the blood-red zone known as Torment last eve, and battled the various Minions thereof. While both the Prophet and Saryrn went down with little trouble, the raid was unable to get to the Keeper Of Sorrows. Seems we'd all taken Shrink Potions donated by the lovely Lady Jess, and there was one of those "You Must Be This Tall..." signs, and... anyways, the loot...

Adorned Soulstone Mask - Won By Chyann (SD)
Staff of Agonizing Battle - Won By Ladanea
Miserable Bauble - Won By Jeones
Greatstaff of Misery - Won By Taephoon (SD)

Just to mention again, these raids succeed due to the Hard Work put in not only by the Raidleaders, but by everyone that shows up and has the patience to put up with the Assembly, Group Making and such, and all who follow Orders so well. Want to thank the person who helps make these raids run so well? Go look in the mirror.

Bertoxx Attaxx.
Now that the Spring Raid Break is Over, SD and LoS made an attempt at the Bertoxx Cycle this evening. The Sister Guilds made short work of Bert's 12 Kings, but then Bert himself popped and wiped the raid. He didn't walk away unscathed, however, as the Raid had him at 60%. Not bad at all for our first meeting!

A Carprin Cycle Built For Two.
LoS and SD spent the week backflagging people for Crypt Of Decay B, thus preparing the Sister Guilds for the upcoming "Bert" Raid. Reader's Digest Version of the Loot Drops for the week...

Stitched Flesh Necklace - Won By Lithone
Rotting Flesh Kilt - Won By Mayalla (SD)
Diseased Skull Case - Won By Deevotion
Woven Knuckle Bone Choker - Won By Enochsire
Corpse Shroud Shawl - Won By Szasha (SD)

Day 2 of the Drops...

Decayed Chain Links - Won By Leaweyena (SD)
Bone Carved Shortbow - Won By Forgeman
Black Handled Bonebreaker - Won By Thunderus
Runebladed Dagger - Won By Kaschelt
Beaten Flesh Bracer - Won By Muggz
Corpsegrinder - Won By Jeones

HoH Raids are such a Trial; Terris Thule Introduces Her Spring Line; And Grummus Doesn't Live Here Anymore. At Least Not Until He Respawns.
LoS and SD completed the Second of the 3 HoH Trial that will allow us access in to HoHB, where we understand there's no cover charge and the Hot Wings are All You Can Eat. Besides HoH Official Puzzle Placemats, Items recovered were...

Guard Captain's Faceguard - Won by Einhauer
First Seargent's Insignia - Won by Iadien

Terris Thule then invited the raiders over for a Tea Party in her new Rock Garden. However, due to a typo on the Invitation, it turned into a small battle. Sorry, but the Miss Manner's Column doesn't cover visits to Evil Gods. Stuff that accidentally ended up in our packs as we left...

Indigo Snake Bracelet X2 - Won by Fargle and Xenk

To finish the week off, the Sister Guilds decided to drop in on Grummus to drop off some fresh undies and some deodorant. He took it a bit personally. Lovely Lootstuffs included...

Runed Lance Of Gryme - Won by Einhauer
Pus-Covered Beetle Carapace - Won by Buphalot (SD)
Spectral Parchment - Won by Caztor (SD)

Congratulations to all the winners and people who earned new Flags!

HoH Trials, HoH Trials Part 2, BoT Towers, Milk, Bread, Pick Up Dry Cleaning.
LoS and SD rolled into HoH for the Rhaliq Trell part of the HoH Trials. First attempt, one of the Fair Ladies decided to put a Damper on the evening by dying. However, on the second attempt, the Sister Guilds completed the trial and recieved the Second HoH Flag!

Earlier last week, LoS and SD again visited the BoT towers. Loot liberated from the towers included...


Black Blade of the Rain X2 - Won by Valenn and Forgeman
Spectral Parchment - Won by Hostle
Glyphed Rune - Won by Ailger


Twice Forged Steel Bulwark - Won by Sspite
Mantle of the Rainmaker - Won by Anborn (SD)
Glyphed Rune - Won by Lithone

He's Vallon and he can't get up, and other Bad Puns.
The Sister Guilds of LoS and SD took another step forward in their PoP Progression with the Take-down of one of the 3 Plane of Tactics' Stooges; Vallon Zek. Play-pretties found in Zek's Toy Box included...

Resplendent War Maul - Won by Gesthal (SD)
Furious Hammer of Zek - Won by Nerindy (SD)
Glyphed Rune Word - Won by Tannlaan (SD)
Spectral Parchment X4 - Won by Kittycat, Covi, Faylexia, and Woodwind

Then came part 2 of the Evening's Festivities; The Behemoth in PoI. Besides the many flags collected, In-Warranty Replacement Parts included...

Protective Dust Drape - Won by Feedor
Glowing Steel Shim - Won by Meadowmoon (SD)

Earlier in the week, Ailger and Feedor helped out by aiding some LoS members in Back flags; Ailger by leading a Mechadragon raid in PoI, Feedor by leading a force into Plane of Storms to collect parts for the Bastion Of Thunder flag. Droppage included...

Pulsing Phase Emitter - Won by Nerfe
Innovator's Ring - Won by Ailger

Congratulations to all who earned new flags this week, and a big thank you to all the Raid Leaders!

Wash on Carprin Cycle, Tumble Dry.
The Alliance of LoS and SD crept into the depths of Crypt of Decay, to secure the keys to the Crypt's "B" section and the PoP Progression thereof. Besides the 36 Raid Members that got CoDB flags, other loots included...

Diseased Skull Case - Won by Taephoon (SD)
Rotting Eye Mask - Won by Rexlore
Short Curved Longbow - Won by Ladanea
Runebladed Dagger - Won by Fivefingers
Rotting Flesh Kilt - Won by Ramadar
Boneshard Greatstaff - Won by Traxius

Congratulations to all the Flagged and Item Winners!

What's wrong with being Drunk? You ask a glass of water.
In what has to be one of the oddest raids ever, LoS and SD literally entered the Belly Of The Beast ( a delightful personage named Baraguj Szuul, whose middle name is probably Qwerty) in Plane of Torment in order to secure the last piece of the Screaming Sphere, otherwise known as the Key To Saryrn's Chambers. Things found and handed to people that hopefully washed them off first...

Rapier of Curses - Won by Zevv (SD)
Slippers of Eternal Nightmares - Won by Nwenx

This, of course, besides the Screaming Sphere now in the Possession of Pilinan. Nice work, raiders!

You down with BoT? Yeah you know me.
The Target? 2 of BoT's Bosses. The results? Spotted 2, sank same. Along with Souvenir Keychains, the prizes included...


Unadorned Ring of Torden - Won by Stumpdog (SD)
Glyphed Rune Word - Won by Jakals
Stormrider Carapice - Won by Guglio
Ornate Leather Tunic - Won by Zikav


Unadorned Ring of Torden - Won by Voltar
Glyphed Rune Word - Won by Thunderus
Cap of Drowned Souls - Won by Bewen
Ornate Chain Tunic - Won by Jeones

You're a Fool, Terris Thule.
LoS and SD came, saw, and conquered the Queen Of Scream once again, this time handling the Gargoyle Adds in a much quicker fashion than before. Loot taken from the Lady Whose Face Is An Empty Space...

Knuckle Beaded Veil x2 - Won by Tanzanite and Hostle

Also Congratulations to all those who received new Flags this eve!

PoI Behemoth Unplugged; and Grummus takes a Bath.
LoS and SD decided this eve to combine 2 days worth of raids into one, and took down both the Behemoth and Grummus, thus flagging the raiders for Plane of Tactics and Crypt of Decay! Behemoth drops included...

Coil of Twisted Platinum Wire - Won by Jeones
Self Contained Force Barrier - Won by Deevotion

After rinsing it off, Grummus's loot was handed out to lucky winners...

Bone Spiked Crusher - Won by Alphawave
Runed Lance of Gryme - Won by Scorpalian

Entrance to the Elemental Planes is another step closer. Well done all, especially the Raid Leaders!

Is the Crystal Dragon Waterford?; And Thunderclap loses Steel Cage Match.
The combined forces of LoS and SD once again marched into the lair of the Glass Dragon that guards the entrance to HoH. And, after some lengthy preperation, emerged Victorious! Congratulations to all the attendees that are now flagged for the Halls Of Honor! The Dragon Horde included...

Double Edged Sword of Visions - Won by Jerle (SD)
Ring of Nobility - Won by Vareth

In celebration, the raid stopped in for tea with one of the BoT Tower Bosses, Thunderclap. Door Prizes included...

Cap Of Drowned Souls - Won by Feedor
Glowing Orb of the Stormwatcher - Legallis (SD)
Unadorned Ring of Torden - Kittycat

Earlier in the week, LoS paid a second visit to Vindi. His Donation to the Cause included...

Earring of Thunder - Won by Cooldaddy

BoT and BoT II, Electric Boogaloo; And the Raid Triathalon.
Having heard that the BoT Bosses had returned, the Combined LoS/SD raid forces moved in on them on 2 seperate days. Day 1, the Final Score was Raid 2, Bosses Zero. New Toys were...

Enchanted Ring of Torden - Won by Feedor
Wicked Shank - Won by Hurikain (SD)
Ornate Chain Mold - Won by Leaweyena (SD)

Enchanted Ring of Torden - Won by Windweaver (SD)
Blackblade of the Rain - Won by Jerle (SD)
Stormrider Carapace - Won by Imseven (SD)
Glyph Rune Word- Won by Kittycat

Then came Day 2. Again the waves of LoS/SD crashed against the BoT Bosses, and again the Bosses came crashing down. Among the Booty recovered...

Glowing Orb of the Sandstorm - Won by Caztor (SD)
Cap of Drowned Souls - Won by Firyn

Great Sword of the Four Winds (x2) - Won by Miyagei and Sspite
Glyphed Rune Words (x2) - Won by Leaweyena (SD) and Tanntaan (SD)

Then, naptime.

On Monday, discovering the Local Bosses had all wandered off somewheres, LoS went for the Triple Header; Lady Katta, Vindi, and Xanamech. LoS triumphed all 3 times in just under 3 hours total. Home Versions of the LoS Raid Game included...

Orb of Glowing Luclinite - Won by Hagathia
Amulet of Pure Heart (X2) - Won by Staru and Pathfynder

Chestplate of Vindication - Won by Mour

Cord Hilted Spike Driver - Won by Rexlore
Pulsing Phase Emitter - Won by Pappycrak

JoJo Xanamech, Your Life Is Calling; And the Elvenmoon House is in Disorder!
Original Plans for this Evening were a tour of the BoT Bosses. However, they seemed to all be taking a Union Break so the Combined LoS/SD Forces decided to pay Xana a visit. Tonights Special Guests recieved the following gifts...

The Weapon's Driveshaft- Won by Chillbonez (SD)
Woven Shim Choker - Won by Forgeman

Meanwhile, Brother Pilinan filed the following report...

Hail scales, I come forth to you today to inform you there is now indeed trouble in the Elvenmoon house. The family is decaying, and I need the guilds help to find out why. Throughout the week, various members of the Family will be in game, Anonymous. I request that you speak with Pilinon first, as he is the youngest brother, and prolly knows more since he's around a lot more. I will offer a reward of 10k to the first person to help me figure out what's wrong. Of course, there's always more help to be offered, to which i say 5k should be given to the second person, and finally 3k to the third person. Last i heard of my dere brother is that he's been staying in a room in PoK, he loves his soft comfortable "bed". Well thats' what he always tells me, claims it's located in a nice and "uninhabited" area. Where he feels he can complete his "experiments" uninterrupted. I pray to tunare you can help me out in this time of trouble.

Please consult the "Tales of the Scales" Message Board Forum for Updates.

Do Not Feed The Xanamech; And People who live by Glass Dragons should throw stones. And Arrows. And spells. And...
On the Move again, the combined forces of LoS and SD again took out the ClockWork Dragon in PoI with minimum trouble. The Winners of this "Dragon Season" hunt were...

Ring Of The Innovator - Won by Later (SD)
Woven Shim Choker - Won by Kuleous

Later in the week, our forces attempted to take on Aerin'Dar, otherwise called the Glass Dragon or HoH Dragon. The good news is, we were victorious. The bad news is, his Golem Guardians managed to wear down the raid before we could claim our flags. But, it was a Learning Experience, and we're sure to claim our well-earned prizes next time.

And just a quick note, link to Lucy's new home added to the Links Area.

Mechadragons are GO!; And BoT Bosses make Generous Donations.
Another busy week of LoS/SD co-raids. First, on Monday, our combined forces put down the MechaDragon in PoI. Prizes in the 500 meter Dragon Slay Event were...

The Weapon's Driveshaft - Won by Dionysiss
Woven Shim Choker - Won by Sspite

Then on Tuesday, the LoS/SD Combines Forces attacked 3 of the 4 Bastion Of Thunder Towers. Drops and the kindly Bosses who supplied them...

Cap Of Drowned Souls - Won by Ailger
Chain Ornate Pattern - Won by Anborn(SD)
Spectral Parchment -Won by Rowann(SD)
Unadorned Symbol of Torden -Won by Hagathia

Wand of the Ice Storm X2 - Won by Argis and Fargle
Unadorned Symbol of Torden - Won by Deevotion

Spell Rune - Won by Feedor
Mantle of the Rainmaker X2 - Won by Valenn and Pathfynder

Congratulations to all the winners!

Latest Officer Promotion, and PoJ Trials
A hearty congratulations goes out to Pilinan on his promotion to Officer, due to Hard work and Good deeds too numerous to mention. Ok, we'll mention one; his taking on the Position as Raid Leader with Einhauer and leading LoS toward new goals. Again, Congratulations!

Also, several people passed tha PoJ Executioner Trials the other evening. Congratulations go out to Mour, Nindar, Mirril, Lithone, Alloween, Valenn, Haggietta, Scorpalian and Cooldaddy on their new Flag and Planar Charm! And many thanks to Mour for helping organize and lead the latest Trials Nights.

TT Ko'ed by LoS/SD, and Doom brought to Doomshade
A busy week for the Raiders of Legion Of Scales and Allies. First, a Mid-week battle with Doomshade in UP, then on Thursday the Scales and Shattered Destinies took down Terris Thule herself in record time! Loot dropped by the Faceless Nightmare...

Knucklebone Beaded Veil - Won by Youno
Indigo Snake Bracelet - Won by Argis

Afterwards, LoS celebrated by paying Lady Katta a visit in her Hall. She didn't seem as happy to see us, although she gave us some lovely Parting Gifts...

Glowing Orb of Luclinite - Won by Grymwulf
2 Girdles of Magnificance - Won by Apolline and Sspite

Fine work done by all in both guilds, and congratulations to everyone who earned Plane Of Torment flags on this co-raid.

Master Grym's Notes
Dunna fergit ta check tha Message Board often fer updates on Raids, Tech Support, Downtime Reminders, an' jest plain Conversation.

Epics and Epics
A busy week for LoS, as Lady Deevotion and Brother Lithone both battled the dragon Ragefire and earned their Epics!
Congratulations to both Members and LoS!
Latest Officer Promotion
Congratulations go out to our latest Officer - Lady Jessikah. Besides being an Officer, Lady Jess will also be acting as Recruitment Officer, and Official Sig Picture Creator. And, when she gets 5 seconds to herself, she'll sleep and eat.

Gates Of Discord
Release date is scheduled for Feb. 10th 2004, most probably at 5AM CST. Might want to set your alarm and be the first kid on your block.

Master Grym's Notes -
Tha devil? This ain't tha web site thing. Colors all be different an'...ah, ye got that translator on again? Aye, I remember, speak inta tha round thing, words appear on tha screen. Least ye ain't changed tha one part I unnerstood.

Hail ta ye. I be Grymwulf Fyrebeard, leader o' tha fine lads an' lasses known as tha Legion O' Scales. If ye be a frequent visitor ta this site, ye'll notice ol' Clockwork's redone tha site. He figgured tha place needed a bit o' updatin' an' a design that were a bit easier on tha eyes. Personally, methinks he done it 'cuz he a Gnomish Clockwork, an' loves ta tinker wit' stuff. I still ain't found all tha pieces o' me alarm clock.

So, where were I? Ah, aye, Legion o' Scales, er LoS fer short. We be an innerestin' guild, in that we straddle tha fence between Family an' Raidin' Guilds. One day we might be down in Chardok Battlin' tha Sarnak Royal Family, next day we might be down in tha Arena seein' which one o' us be tha sneakiest fighter. Each an' every member, from me ta tha officers ta tha long-time members all tha down ta tha newest recruit, be equal in me eyes.

Site be a work in Progress, meanin' some o' tha stuff might not be workin' properly. If ye spot a boo-boo, leave ol' Grym a report on tha Message Board.

About Translations
This entire site translated from Dwarven to Common by Clockwork Gnome XXXXII, except for Master Grym's Notes. So if you can't make out what's he's saying, blame him, not me.

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